Project Profile

Research in Africa

Landscapes and ALWM intensification

Duration : January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017
(Extended to December 31, 2021)

The scaling of ALWM by smallholder farmers need to be set in the agro-ecological landscape context, and be informed by the potential and actual environmental impacts that may occur. IWMI has track record in developing some of these data such as the new Irrigation map of Africa, with improved ground truthing in Ethiopia, the process and value of exclosures, various investments to understand scaling and impacts of watershed management in Ethiopia. This W1-W2 project will consolidate some of this research during 2017 to develop the evidence base further , which can also inform the baseline of WLE –LWS activities

Location(s): Ethiopia
Project Contact: Taye, Meron
Donor(s): WLE
Research Collaborator(s) : Ministry of Agriculture Ethiopia,