Project Profile

Research in Africa

Strengthening resilience through AWM solutions

Duration : July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016
(Extended to September 30, 2016)

The aim of this project is to support decisions at development investor level and at community level to enhance resilience on agro-ecological development and sustainability with reference to smallholder farming systems in SSA. In particular, it will explore how appropriate agricutural water management (AWM) can maintain or enhance the multi-functionality and resilience of the communities in agro-ecological landscapes in Ethiopia and Ghana. It will design and test a a dialogue -based decision-support framework (tool) to help identify how to sustainably adopt AWM for increased resilience to climate change while maintaining multi-functional ecosystems. The initative is funded by USAID , and runs form July 2015 toJune 2016

Location(s): Ethiopia, Ghana
Project Contact: Debevec, Liza
Donor(s): United States Agency for International Development