Project Profile

Research in Africa

Accounting for Nile Waters

Duration : January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2016

The project builds on innovative remote sensing-based tools ( that have been developed and used in the past decade, and that facilitate rapid assessment of the distributed productivity of irrigation systems and identification of 'yield gaps'. While promising, current WA approaches do not link assessments of changes in water flows and productivities to changing livelihoods, income opportunities and ecosystems, or to how new land- and water uses modify gendered tenure and labor relations, nor do they provide insights in how water flows are (or can be) controlled through technologies and institutions (policies, laws). The project therefore aspires to explore and test how WA tools can be combined with more ethnographic and interpretative information collection methods to improve explanation of how changing water flows produce variations in the sustained integrity of ecosystems and (gender) equity.

Location(s): East Africa
Project Contact: Rap, Edwin
Donor(s): WLE through UNESCO-IHE
Research Collaborator(s) : Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office ENTRO/ Nile Basin Initiative, Forum for Social Studies, Hydraulics Research Center, Sudan, Research Institute for Sustainable Environment, American University in Cairo, The Nile Basin Capacity Building Network (NBCBN), University of Khartoum, Water Management Research Institute, National Water Resources Center, Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, Egypt,