Project Profile

Research in Africa

Innovation for Gender Equality in Water Management

Duration : January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2016

This action-research seeks to optimize the value chains for smallholders' high-value crop and livestock commodities through a demand-driven holistic approach. It builds on women's and men's investments in the value chain that consider the interrelatedness of complex ecosystems and gendered socio-economic and cultural settings. In particular, it follows communities' holistic water development for crops, livestock and other uses, combining water from multiple conjunctive sources, including improved storage. In Tanzania, the project is implemented with Sokoine University of Agriculture, in the Uluguru mountains, where the matrilineal Wa-Luguru have developed highly intensive high-value cropping with gravity irrigation and terracing, and goat rearing. In South Africa, the project collaborates with the Community Work Program. This program, inspired by India's National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, devolves the choice on the allocation of the paid labor to local government and community groups. In both sites the project will pilot-test and analyze past experiences with water projects that poor women and men prioritize and that tap the merits of holistic approaches, in particular for value chains of high-value crops and livestock.

Location(s): Tanzania, South Africa
Project Contact: Clement, Floriane
Donor(s): WLE
Research Collaborator(s) : Community Work Program and Department of Agriculture South Africa, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania,