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Research in Africa

Establishment of the SADC Seed Centre

Duration : December 1, 2011 - April 30, 2012
(Extended to May 31, 2014)

The SADC Seed Centrebased in Lusaka was set up to coordinate the implementation of the SADC harmonised seed regulations among its 14 Member States. It will develop and maintain data on all regional seed issues Utimately, the Seed Centre will contribute to improved regional food security and poverty reduction through increased seed security. The benefits of estblishing the Seed Centre and the implememntation of the harmonised seed system will acrue from increased investment in the seed sector such that farmers will have access to increased number of varieties with the possibility of high quality seed being available at competetive prices. For stakeholders such as seed companies and breeders, the system offers an opportunity to widen the market for their varieties. On the other hand, national seed institutions will be strenthened.

Location(s): South Africa, Zambia
Project Contact: Chilonda Pius
Donor(s): SDC