Project Profile

Research in Africa

Water Governance in the Limpopo Basin

Duration : January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2013

The project focuses on access and control of water/land, and the associated management and governance mechanisms. L4 seeks to provide the people and governments of the Limpopo Basin with:

  1. A package of ways to better understand and organize access rights to water for multiple uses from farm level to the basin and regional level,
  2. A package of ways to organize technologies for different physical and socio-economic contexts so as to improve the management and control of water for multiple uses from one or more water sources,
  3. A suite of policy and legal options to support agriculture-based livelihoods in which water plays a vital role, and
  4. A set of institutional arrangements that is appropriate for different classes of smallholder farmers including the resource poor, women farmers, and other disadvantaged groups.

Location(s): South Africa, Zimbabwe
Project Contact: Mapedza, Everisto
Donor(s): CPWF Phase 2