Project Profile

Research in Africa

Towards Brown Gold? Reimagining off grid sanitation in rapidly urbanising areas in Asia and Africa

Duration : April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2023

This project will explore ways to re-use feacal sludge through resource recovery and reuse (RRR), thus developing innovative and inclusive circular-based approaches for sustainable FSM. The interdisciplinary team, bringing together social science, law, engineering, microbiology as well as creative arts, will facilitate bottom up socio-technical processes and innovations co-produced between user communities, private entities, state agencies and civil society. We explore how feacal sludge can move away from being a taboo to a resource, or “brown gold’, with the view to ensure that these innovations help address the sanitation crisis, enhance off grid economies and the well-being of the excluded and marginalised.

Location(s): Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nepal
Project Contact: Nikiema, Josiane
Donor(s): UK Research Council
Research Collaborator(s) : Indian Institute of Technology, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), UK, SOAS, Water Aid,