Project Profile

Research in Africa

Accelerating outreach and impact of RUL investments

Duration : January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

Based on the research so far, we will invest in capacity development, outreach/uptake, and verifications with three separate activities: 1. Support of private sector engagements and PPPs for resource recovery and reuse (FP3, FP5): Based on our reports and training materials, FP3 will (i) support PPP match-making events in secondary cities of Ghana and Uganda (IWMI, RUAF), (ii) train through our new partner (WASH-Institute) across India 4000 officials, sanitation workers, and NGO staff in fecal sludge business models, and (iii) share our experience in private sector engagement and business modeling with FP5’s DEVCO project, Work Package 3, led by The Alliance 2. Sharing knowledge on the resilience of CRFS beyond our ‘action’ cities (RUAF/FAO/IWMI, CoSAI): Based on ongoing work on shocks through climate change and Covid-19, RUAF will organize virtual and F2F outreach workshops across its city partner network, to link current study sites with new cities, to share lessons, and facilitate replication of resilience building. This will be accompanied by City Policy Briefs, blogs, the UAM, and podcasts, targeting the UN Food Systems Summit, COP26, etc. and a review for CoSAI. 3. Verifying survey and gender approaches in view of Covid-19 impacts on water and sanitation: Linking different studies, IWMI will adjust and extend its ongoing urban Covid-19 surveys in Ghana to rural areas, proof of concept applying it from ICRAF ( which helps to bypass Covid-19 field research restrictions, and apply the gender-responsive approach for social inclusion developed in partnership between ICRAF and Penn State University

Location(s): Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda
Project Contact: Drechsel, P.
Donor(s): WLE RUL