Project Profile

Research in Africa

Urban Sanitation Technologies as International Power Structures (U-STASIS)

Duration : October 1, 2020 - September 30, 2022

The main objective of the assignment is to backstop the design, preparation and performance of qualitative da-ta collection, as well as the analysis thereof for the U-STASIS research project. The nodal point of analysis are the World Bank funded “Second Water Sector Support Project” in Tanzania , the “Municipal Water Supply and Sanitation Project” and “Dhaka Sanitation Improvement Project” in Bangladesh, funded by the World Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Goal 1: In WP 1 we reconstruct both the discursive evolution of the driving mission behind USI investment over time and the evolution of effective funding priorities to see to what extent they co-evolve, if one lags behind the other or if they are disconnected altogether. Goal 2: The SDGs constitute one of the most salient global policies of our time and are often depicted as a pioneering political compromise. In WP2 we identify the successful discourse coalitions united behind specific SGPs which decisively shaped SDG6 and analyze to what extent the SPGs behind SDG6 were translated into sectoral strategies of MDB with a specific focus on SDG6.2 and its indicators. Goal 3: In WP3 we trace how structural power materializes when USI projects are implemented. We analyze the translation of the SGPs from the global governance discourse into the technological and operational choices to better understand why centralized USI prevails, despite the signaled joint mission outlined in SDG6.2.

Location(s): Bangladesh, Tanzania
Project Contact: Nikiema, Josiane
Donor(s): Swiss Centre for International Agriculture